Jennifer Szalai explains why she despises the term “guilty pleasure”:

“The guilty pleasure seems to me the distillation of all the worst qualities of the middlebrow—the condescension of the highbrow without the expenditure of effort, along with mass culture’s pleasure-seeking without the unequivocal enjoyment. If you want to listen to Rihanna while reading the latest from Dean Koontz, just go ahead and do it. Don’t try to suggest you know better.”

Illustration by Hannah K. Lee.

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In English, if I knock this cup off the table, even accidentally, you would likely say, ‘She broke the cup.’ In Japanese or Spanish, however, intent matters. […] The speaker would essentially say, ‘The cup broke itself.’
Lera Boroditsky on how language shapes us, from “Lost in Translation.” (via utnereader)
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She naturally loved solitary places, vast views, and to feel herself for ever and ever and ever alone.
~Virginia Woolf, from Orlando (via armchairoxfordscholar)

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